Kid Rockstar
60% off drop-in hourly rate

  • $4.80/hr

20% off day camps/programs
10% off special events/parties

Kid Plus
30% off drop-in hourly rate

  • $8.40/hr

10% off day camps/programs
10% off special events/parties

Green Kids offers unique, one of a kind memberships with some of the lowest rates in the industry! Why pay the insanely high monthly rates of other centers? Our simplest membership is lower than the price of Netflix and offers you discounts right away! We encourage everyone who visits Green Kids on a regular basis to sign up for one of our memberships and save immediately. The recurring revenue that Green Kids receives will help us continue to invest in making this the top destination for children and parents alike!


Terms and Conditions

Prices based on $12/hr standard drop-in rate. All memberships require a 90-day commitment. You may cancel early if you are moving, please provide proof of new residency. 10% off per sibling discount still applies!

Membership applies to the whole family up to four children, for larger families, please contact the store or e-mail us at for special pricing. Details are current as of 1/2/2019 and are subject to change. Please contact the store for more details! 



Joining a membership automatically signs you up for special member-only discounts and promotional offers via e-mail!

Kid Mega
45% off drop-in hourly rate

  • $6.60/hr

15% off day camps/programs
10% off special events/parties