When can I bring my kids to play?

We are open 7 days a week! No appointment necessary.

For our hours of operaton click here.

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Drop-in/short-term child care is defined by law in G.S. 110-86(2)(d)(d1) as a child care arrangement where care is provided while parents participate in activities that are not employment related, and where the parents are on the premises or otherwise easily accessible.

Drop-in/short-term care child care would be used by parents who need care while they occasionally run errands or participate in leisure activities. The operation must be able to reach the parent by telephone, cell phone, or pager, etc., if they are not on the premises. The parent must be able to get back to the program within 15 minutes. 

How Drop-In Care Works


"The slide is the best!" Ben age 8

"I love Mrs. Melissa and coloring." Eva age 6

"Green Kids is so much fun." Eric age 5

Our eco-friendly centers were designed specifically with age appropriate activities for children from 1 year (and walking) to 11 years. We encourage your children to develop social, physical, and sensory skills through hands on structured play and free play activities.

What do I do first?

​Tell us about your kiddos, by registering them here. Don't worry the information is secure and there is no cost or obligation by registering! Registration is valid for either center that you choose to use.

I'm ready, how do I sign up?

Here is our quick start guide.

Do you have a daily schedule?

Yes, we have a schedule that we use to plan our daily routine. See it here.

What should I bring?

If your child is still in diapers we ask you to supply us with disposable diapers and wipes and any ointments you wish for us to use. Please also include any special instructions for your child. We have a dedicated area next to the changing station for your diaper bag. Please supply us with at least 5 extra diapers and wipes for your child's visit so we can change appropriately. Our staff does a diaper check and change on a schedule throughout the day, in addition to extra changes when needed. In order to keep our center hygienic for other children, we ask that if your child is currently potty-training to please use training diapers. Everything needs to be labeled with your child’s name. Please help us keep your family with your belongings. Green Kids Drop-In Centers will not be responsible for clothing or other personal items brought to the center.  

Each child will have a “cubby” in the lobby for shoes. With the young children we do encourage a soft 'lovie' or small 'blankie' for comfort while at Green Kids.   For safety reasons we DO NOT ALLOW ANY OUTSIDE TOYS  in our facility(please call center to inquire about bringing personal electronics). Please understand we have children here as young as 12 months. All of our play toys are safe for all ages!

Green Kids offers mostly organic & healthy snacks at no additional charge. You may bring snacks or food for your children; however, each child must be able to feed themselves any snacks or food provided. We are peanut free,  we do not allow any peanuts or peanut products in our facility. Sorry, this also includes any items from Chick-fil-a. Healthy lunch & dinner options are available for an additional fee. To view more information about healthy meal options please click here.

What is the process to drop off my kids?

To expedite your first visit, please register your child(ren) here before you arrive. On your first visit we will confirm all of your registration information. Your child will be checked in by a staff member. Once checked in your child can remove their shoes and are welcome to come in the small door, wash hands, and play! 

The pick-up password selected at registration will be your password used to check your chid in on the lobby kiosk. 
After the first visit you are free to use the lobby kiosk! Your name and password will allow you access to your family account. Kiosk check in is easy: Sign in, answer highlighted questions, click check-in, and you're done! 
Once checked in a Green Kids staff member will confirm your visit & you are good to go!

Parents, please do not escort you child into the play space. If you want to tour we are more than happy to do so, but our insurance prohibits parents from being inside the play area without a Green Kids staff member.

During check out/payment you will be given the exact amount of minutes used on the visit. 
A Green Kids staff member will buzz your child through the secure door. 

Only listed authorized persons with photo on file (or photo I.D.) will be allowed to pick up/drop off your child.   If someone other than the parent or guardian were picking up the child he/she would be released to the people listed in the registration only after photo I.D. has been seen. In situations of custody agreements, the center will follow the advice of court ordered documents. 

All monies owed to Green Kids are paid upon departure, unless you have a credit card on file with one of our payment plans. Click here for more information on our package or drop-in rates