No, Green Kids does not administer regular medications of any kind. Certain life saving medications (EpiPen) will be administered. Additionally, please do not send in any medication for children to self administer.

Please be curtious to our closing caregivers and arrive before closing. There is a $1.00 charge per minute, per child when you arrive after closing.  

What happens if I arrive after closing hours?

Green Kids is a drop-in play facility and not a daycare, so we are mandated by the NC guidelines for drop-in care.

How long can my children stay?

No, no appointments needed!

Do I need an appointment?

We accept cash, check, Master Card, Visa, Discover, AMEX, Google & Apple Pay!

What types of payment do you take?

Each center offers different play equipment and our rates reflect that. Our drop-in rate is $11.00/hr per child. Our packages below and other programs offered by Green Kids can give families some great savings.

With annual enrollment, an annual fee of $25.00 per family, you will receive special promotions and discounts for Green Kids, and the ability to purchase prepaid package hours at a significant savings. For families with more than one child you will also recieve a 10% multi-child discount, applied when more than one child is playing in our center. Because these packages are prepaid, your 10% savings for the second child (20% for the third, 30% for the fourth) comes by less time deducted off your package. For every 1 hour of play the first child will have 60 minutes removed from the package and the second will have 54 minutes removed. We do not round up/down, you are charged to the exact minute. All packages are shared with siblings.

10 Hours          $10.30/hr    $103.00        $7.00 SAVINGS

40 Hours          $8.34/hr      $333.60      $106.28 SAVINGS

80 Hours          $7.52/hr      $601.60      $278.48 SAVINGS

110Hours         $6.90/hr      $759.00      $450.89 SAVINGS

130 Hours        $6.49/hr      $843.70      $586.43 SAVINGS

How much does Green Kids cost?

Most of our care givers are students working on their childhood education degree or are current educators. All of our care givers have a genuine love for kiddos and are CPR & First Aid Certified. Additionally, all of the care givers who come into contact with your child have passed state and federal background checks. 

What qualifications do your staff have?
Will you administer medication?
Do you offer savings for larger families?

Green Kids is Located in the Renaissance center at Southpoint.

7011 Fayetteville Road #108 in Durham. Here is the map of Green Kids

I40 EXIT 276, 1 mile South on Fayetteville past the 5 story Hilton Hotel, Located across from Southpoint Mall.

                                                                    Contact Green Kids

Where are you located & how can I contact you?
What are your hours?

Drop-in child care is a pay-by-the-hour, flexible use service available to busy parents! Green Kids offers drop-in care for children age 1 year (and walking) to 11 years with extended late night and  weekend hours so you can rely on us for child care ANYTIME you need us. No appointment needed, no set schedule, and reservations are not required. You only pay for the time you need, when you need it! We also offer prepay discount packages to make it even more affordable!

Green Kids Drop-In Centers HOURS*  

MON-THURS 9am-9pm (8pm if no children)
FRIDAY 9am-11pm (8pm if no children) 
SATURDAY 10am-11pm (8pm if no children) 
SUNDAY 1pm-8pm (6pm if no children)

* Appointments at GK are not required; however, if you have plans to drop your child off later in the evening, please call ahead and let us know. We will close at 8pm in Durham M-Sat., 6pm on Sunday‚Äôs if we do not have any children in our play center. 

Yes! Our Multi Child Discount is applied when more than one sibling is playing in our center at the same time.

10% for the second child, 20% for the third, 30% for the fourth & fifth.

As an example, if your children came to our Durham center for 1 hour of drop-in play, you would pay $11 for the first child and $9.90 for the second. 

Don't forget for more savings to check out our family packages of hours and our other packaged programs.

What is Drop-In Care?

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