Kids participate in numerous activities throughout the day, playing our group games, riding bikes, or climbing on the rock wall! We also watch movies, play WiiU games(non-violent games), and love to read books! For the big kids we even have a separate space with big kid books, an Xbox, air hockey, soccer goal, and games as well. The younger kiddos have a blast with our Legos, puzzles, and dramatic play areas... keeping their minds and body active! All the kiddos love the crafting area with age appropriate recycled art projects that we offer each day! We also provide snacks and if you don't want to pack a lunch, we have you covered! 
We offer healthy, some organic, meal options for $6. The best part is with a consecutive multi-week(complete tracks) purchase you receive our lowest rate offered of $100/week for full day care!

Track Out - Great for families with kindergarten through middle school kids looking for safe and affordable care for the weeks they are tracked out from school. This program is only offered in our Morrisville location from 9-4 and is best suited for the year round kiddos in Wake County. 


10 Hours          $10.30/hr    $103.00        $7.00 SAVINGS

40 Hours          $8.34/hr      $333.60      $106.28 SAVINGS

80 Hours          $7.52/hr      $601.60      $278.48 SAVINGS

110Hours         $6.90/hr      $759.00      $450.89 SAVINGS

130 Hours        $6.49/hr      $843.70      $586.43 SAVINGS
This program is only offered at Morrisville for students 5-11 years old, 
currently enrolled in the Wake County Public School System. After care after 4pm is available.
Sorry, unused time does not 'roll over'
  • Full day care 9-4 $125/week
  • Multi-week purchase $100/week
  • Half day care 9-1 or 1-5 $85/week
  • Daily rate 9-4 $50/day

 Great for any family needing ongoing care with either one or more eligible kids in the family.

​ Our 'regulars' love this membership, designed with them in mind!

Want to save money? Try our family plan packages!

Our Durham drop-in rate is $11/hour per child, $10 in Morrisville. We offer a 10% multi child discount when both kids are playing in our facility at the same time. We encourage new families to come and try us for free! Register your child(ren) and bring them in for a FREE hour of play! No appointment needed. Just mention New Family Trial.

We recommend for all new families with younger children to plan a visit when you don't really NEED us so that we know how you child will adapt to our environment. The quietest time for new younger kids to come and play is Monday-Thursday between 1pm and 5pm. 

Drop-In Childcare- Great for families who only need occasional care

  • 10% sibling discount for 1/2 and full day camp when they attend the same one. (discount offers can not be combined) The youngest age to qualify for our camp programs is 5 years old. Younger siblings can attend drop-in.
  • Camps run from 8:30am and end promptly at 6pm Monday-Friday. 
  • Our 1/2 day camp fee is $150*. Any 4 hour block between the camp day hours(picked up by 6pm).
  • Our full day camp fee is $225*. Any 8 hour block between the camp day hours(picked up by 6pm).
  • Aftercare is available until 9pm Monday- Thursday and 11pm on Friday. Normal drop-in rates apply.
  • All camp activities are taught in our facility by CPR & First Aid Certified team members.
  • Click: 2017 Durham Camp line up. SECURE ONLINE PAYMENTS COMING SOON

Younger sibling? No worries! Just use our regular drop-in service for them. If your child is to young for Camp GK, we still have plenty of fun activities and projects to do! 

*Your child is guaranteed to have fun, or we will refund your camp fee!
Sorry we can not roll over any camp hours from one week to the next. Camps are only valid for the week that your children are registered for. All camps are enhanced programs separate from prepaid plans.

Whichever membership level you choose you will feel great knowing that you are helping to grow new life for families and children by planting seeds for their future!

SAVE A FOREST Membership

  • $299 per month, four month minimum
  • up to 60 fun hours at GK each month ($4.98/hr)*
  • All hours over 60 are discounted to $4.98/hr
  • Priority reservation privileges guarantee there will always be space for your family. Priority reservation must be made 24 hours in advance, for guaranteed space. (Sorry we can not guarantee space during peak times if you have not made prior reservation)
  • Green Kids will plant 100 trees with Trees for The Future
  • Receive a 20% discount on all of our camp programs (offers can not be combined with other promotions)
  • Receive a complimentary dinner certificate to the Melting Pot

SAVE A TREE Membership

  • $199 per month, four month minimum
  • up to 30 fun hours at GK each month ($6.63/hr)*
  • All hours over 30 are discounted to $6.63/hr
  • Green Kids will plant 10 trees with Trees for The Future
  • Receive a 20% discount on all of our camp programs (offers can not be combined with other promotions)

​This exciting new club is a membership based program designed for families who want the flexibility and benefits of drop-in child care with preferred hourly pricing and low upfront costs. With your $25 annual enrollment you will be eligible to choose your savings plan. Offering two exciting membership plans or discount family prepaid packages described in detail below. Tree & Forest members will enjoy savings of up to 55% off regular rates! Monthly hours can be used by any eligible child in your family- 1 year (and walking) up to 11 years old but need to be used in the current month.

For families with more than one child you will also receive a 10% multi-child discount, applied when more than one child is playing in our center. Each of the two memberships requires a four month commitment to start. After four months you membership will become month to month. For complete details visit Green Kids.

Summer Camps- Great for families with kindergarten(MUST BE 5) through middle school kids

Offering exciting hands on week long themed track out and summer camps. During experiments, craft projects and other structured parts of the day, we group our campers so their experience is age appropriate. 


From Drop-In to packages to camps, we have all of your childcare needs covered! We have outlined all of our programs offered so you can choose the best fit for your families needs.

 What program is right for my family?

With annual enrollment, an annual fee of $25.00 per family, you will receive special promotions and discounts for Green Kids and the Melting Pot, and the ability to choose a membership plan or purchase prepaid package hours at a significant savings. For families with more than one child you will also recieve a 10% multi-child discount, applied when more than one child is playing in our center. Because these packages are prepaid, your 10% savings for the second child (20% for the third, 30% for the fourth) comes by less time deducted off your package. For every 1 hour of play the first child will have 60 minutes removed from the package and the second will have 54 minutes removed. We do not round up/down, you are charged to the exact minute. All packages are shared with siblings. We now offer payment plans on our 110 & 130 hour packages!

Programs & Rate PLans